A Social Club

The Seven Car Club of Natal is primarily a social club. Thus, there is a variety of social activities that take place within the club. Club runs, club meetings, car shows, gymkhanas and other activities are events that take place throughout our calendar year.

Club Social

Club Runs

Our monthly breakfast run falls on the first Sunday of each month. We depart from NPN Auto on St John’s Avenue, Pinetown, and depart at 7:30 am during summer and 8:30 am during winter.

Routes alternate between North Coast, South Cost and inland runs. We also alternate between short runs and longer runs, with longest ones being around 100 km. Our routes are always tailored towards sports cars: which means good driving roads with minimal motorway / highway. The destination is usually a café or restaurant that is situated in beautiful scenery while providing an excellent breakfast.

Club Meet

The club gathers on the last Thursday of every month for our club meeting, a.k.a, Pit Stop. Our monthly Pit Stop takes place at the German Club at 7 Barham Road, Westville. These meetings officially commence at 7 pm, but members arrive from 5:30 pm. Visitors and guests are welcome at all meetings.

Our Pit Stops are the focal point of social interaction within the club and feature cars on display and speeches from motorsport celebrities or technical presentations when possible. Recent guest speakers include Gordon Murray, Jim Redman and Alfie Cox. The German Club provides a cash bar and pub menu for the duration of the Pit Stop.

Social Calendar

Apart from our breakfast runs and Pit Stops, the club tries to organise at least one other social event per month. Classic car shows, track days, gymkhanas, karting and long distance runs all feature on our calendar. As we have good relationships with other motoring clubs in KwaZulu-Natal, we are regularly invited to participate in major events in their social calendars too.

Traditionally, we also have a long distance run that doubles as an ‘away weekend’ in the second half of the year. Recent examples include Oribi Gorge and Fouriesburg. These are excellent opportunities to bond with club members and experience roads and scenery that members would not make the trip for by themselves.


Club Social